The Hills On Red Bud Road

Homeowners Association HOA

The HOA will have a President, Vice President, and a Secretary. They will be elected by the Land Owners (LO) based on their voting capacity which will be rated on their acreage owned. All land owners will have a voting block based on their acres owned. If a LO owns 4.035 acres, it will be rounded up to 5, if a LO owns 4.882 acres it will also be rounded up to 5...If a LO owns 7.496 it will be rounded up to 8 votes.

The HOA will meet the 2nd week in January to elect new officers and discuss business. The president will resign annually and the VP will take his place, the Secretary will replace the VP, so elections are necessary for a new secretary. Submissions must be written and submitted prior to the end of each calendar year.
The HOA is deeded the approximately 1400' of front fence, the stone entrance, personnel gate, main gate, gate operator, and(potentially a flag pole and overhead light), the 1100 ft by 18 ft concrete driveway, which will be completed after most of the heavy construction equipment is done. With this comes maintenance, it is the HOA responsibility to mow, weed-eat, spray and paint as needed. In addition there will be TVEC bills for power to the gate.
Each HO will be assessed a fee of $50 monthly until such time the HOA can address the actual costs and needs, adjustments and credits will be as needed.
In the case of a dead lock, the LO with largest number of acres will break the tie.
Trash Pick Up:
The HOA will select a company to PU all the trash for each HO. Costs will be born by each HO.
Any noises, smells, offensive activity will be dealt with by the HOA.
No signs will be allowed except those announcing "for Sale or Rent"

The Hills on Red Bud Road

Chandler, TX


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